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Apostle Les D. Crause Apostle Daphne Crause

God has been moving amongst His people in the countries of Europe for many years. But in these last days He is doing some new things in the Church. He has been restoring the Fivefold Ministry, and especially the functions of the Apostle and Prophet. 

Also, God has been adding a new dimension to the leaders of the Body of Christ. He has been raising up a new kind of leader that will not only lead the Church in ministry, but also in the area of business.

Global Business Ministries under the leadership of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause is paving the way in this new move of God. And now the powerful teaching to help those who are called to these higher levels of ministry is becoming available right here in the countries of Europe. 

With web pages in the native languages of the main language groups used in Europe, we are providing some of the original teachings given by Les D. Crause on these important subjects.

If you are living in Europe and have been wanting to receive some good training and materials to help you carry out your Apostolic or Prophetic Ministry, then you have found the right place for these. 

Here you will find the latest revelation and teachings on the Fivefold Ministry, and all that you need to rise up and carry out your calling. New materials will be added all the time, so come back again often and see what is available.

Ernst Haenni Sonja Haenni


Apostle Ernst and Sonja Haenni

As the representatives of GBM in Europe, Ernst and Sonja are available to help you identify and carry out your calling. Based in Switzerland, they have been fully trained for this under the leadership of Les and Daphne Crause. 

Ernst stands in Apostolic Office and Sonja has also been placed as a Prophet in Office. They have studied the teachings of GBM for some years, and have received hands on training from Les and Daphne. 

If you would like to receive regular teachings from this ministry, then why not join our mailing list and consider doing some of our courses. If you live in Switzerland, then you are welcome to visit with Ernst and Sonja and receive live ministry from them. They are giving live training for your ministry calling as well as weekly fellowship meetings. 

You may contact Ernst and Sonja by submitting a feedback, using the link in the right column of this page, or you may contact them directly at their contact address if you living in Switzerland.

Although this main website is in English, you may find the link to the German website and other languages as they become available at the top right hand side of this page.

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